Any patches that are critical, regardless of version, can be included in this category.

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dp11_05_300_001 for WS AD

This patch fixes the following issues: PIN or Bluetooth were not displayed in the logon options list when enhanced logon policies were applied. When multifactor logon policies were applied, the new user was not able to pass authentication for credential enrollment using Attended enrollment.​ Update: dp11_05_300_001 Date Published: August, 2018 File Read More/Download...

Patch dp11_01_230_003

* ATTN: DigitalPersona LDS Workstation version 2.3.0: CRITICAL PATCH *  This patch resolves Password Manager failure to load user data from Active Directory after upgrade from Altus/DPCA client to 2.3.0 thus resulting in no Pssword Manager icon being shown on personal logons. Patch dp11_01_230_002 After patch is installed on a Read More/Download...

Altus AD dp11_13_230_003 2.3.0 (Build: 1)

This patch fixes an issue:  When performing web attended enrollment with STS logon policy in place, for enrollee who doesn’t have credentials to meet STS logon policy is asked to satisfy the policy on Verify Your Identity (VYI) window. As a result they cannot complete enrollment process. Fix: Irrespective of Read More/Download...